Welcome to the Children and Women Promotion Center of Nepal
Our Center was established in February of 2000. We are certified and governed by the Nepal Ministry of Home, Chitwan District Administrative Office. We also maintain affiliation with the Social Welfare Council of Kathmandu.


To work for needy, destitute children and women who suffer from poverty, conflicts, or natural disasters in our country. The goal of CWPC is to provide educational projects to those neglected by society so that they can grow up to be responsible, independent citizens.


Our aim is to educate and satisfy the needs of destitute children and women who are without families so that they can have a bright future without forgetting their origins. CWPC focuses on a complete integration of poor,  helpless children and widows into society.

  • To provide food, shelter, education, clothing, medicine, and healthcare for orphans, semi-orphans, children living on the streets, and poor or widowed women through aid from the government of Nepal and abroad.
  • To offer educational scholarships to needy children who cannot afford to go to school.
  • To create awareness among parents and parentless children living on the street of the importance of childhood education.
  • To conduct various programs for children’s health and nutrition.
  • To provide orphaned children with job skill training.
  • To provide health treatment and other relief to victims of war, natural disasters, and accidents.

We carry out the following activities in order to achieve our objectives:
  • Cooperation with national and international organizations and support groups.
  • Cooperation with local and national committees for regional development.
  • Working with international volunteers.