Fish Farming Project

We are currently in the process of developing a carp-polyculture project similar to the one pictured above, in order to be able to self sustain the social welfare work of the Children and Women Welfare Centre on a long-term basis.  Along with creating a financially stable income source, this project will also enrich our children with technical knowledge about commercial fish farming, develop the entrepreneurial spirit of the children and encourage them to establish their own businesses after their farewell from the home.

In Nepal, the market of table fish is occupied by Indian imports where Indian fish occupy 82% of the Nepalese market.  The main reason for this is not because of more competitive pricing but rather insufficient fish production in Nepal.  Increasing the production and availability of Nepalese fish will allow us to easily enter the market.  As production costs will be similar, without the added price of import costs, our fish will be priced very competitively thus allowing us to attract a larger segment of the population. 

For more information, please contact us at for our full project proposal.  If interested, please check out how you can help.