Volunteering at the CWPC

Are you looking for a volunteer work experience, career break, or just a meaningful place to travel? CWPC offers an opportunity to volunteer at our orphanage in Chitwan.  This is a financially independent program located in a multicultural environment in which people are helpful and hospitable. Our volunteer program is the perfect way to help children, make a difference, find purpose, feel involved, use your skills in a productive way, develop new skills, expand your horizons, make new friends, and strengthen your resume.

Over the years, we have had a number of volunteers work with us and our children, and we have found this to be a culturally and spiritually rewarding experience for us. They have helped us in many ways, such as by teaching our children English, talking about their cultures, teaching our children new games, and helping the CWPC management with administration and planning. There have even been some cases in which volunteers have helped by finding the best doctor for our ill children or by providing medicines that our center could not afford.

'Many things are golden and each in its way, can help to brighten up your world and make a better day!! It was a great experience staying in an orphanage in such a great country like Nepal. I enjoyed spending my time with the children and realised they really deserve the attention!!'
Kim Weishuis 
Kim worked with us for several weeks. She currently works for an HIV awareness raising project in Mombasa, Kenya.

'Sharing my days with these children was a great experience for me. I`ll never forget the first time when a five-year-old came up to me, looked in my eyes, and took my hand to lead me to the kitchen for my morning tea. Then all those chats and games with the older ones. It was definitely worth the time that I spent at the CWPC.'
Peter Toth
Peter worked with us for 5 months in the first half of 2005.

While staying with us you may also (optional) engage in the following Volunteer opportunities:

-Home Stay and Cultural Exchange
-Health and Sanitation Awareness Program
-Environmental Awareness
-Caring for injured and orphaned wildlife
-Orphanage Volunteer Program
-Organic Farming and Perm Culture
-Nurses (Hospital and Health Post)
-Sports Coach

Where to stay?

There are two lodging options available for volunteers:

At the orphanage
The centre offers a nice volunteer room where you can stay during your time here. The room is independent with an attached bathroom.

Home stay

Home stays and cultural exchange programs are a fantastic way to get more out of a trip to Nepal. Participants will be placed with one of our host Nepali families in a small rural village for the duration of their stay. This provides the volunteers with an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the depths of all aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, language, food, and people.
How can you volunteer with us?
You have taken the first step by visiting our site. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact us for information on volunteer vacancies and the current situation in Nepal. 


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