Future Plans

Our future plans are:

  • Poor and needy children.
  • Women suffering from poverty or cruelty.
  • Female victims of our society or culture.
  • Underdeveloped areas.

Provide vocational training to the children

The vocational training will help children who have completed high school to gain the skills needed to enter the work force. In order to be able to provide vocational training we need sufficient funds to pay for the teachers and materials.

Projects for Women

  • To provide educational and job training for the poor and destitute, widows, and other helpless women in Nepal.
  • To offer work opportunities by providing vocational training.
  • To provide skills and knowledge to help women become independent and responsible citizens.
  • To facilitate literacy programs.

Build a new home for the children

We are currently renting the property that our orphanage is on. In order to be self sufficient we have purchased land here in Sauraha, and would like to build a permanent new home on the property.

Start an income source program

To become sustainable, we hope to start new income sources.  Including having our own poultry, pork, and fishing operations.

Buy land for product harvesting 

In addition to our goals listed above, we also would like to produce our own crops ( rice, corn, wheat, and vegetable) to feed the children. Access crops can be sold at the market.