Children Progress

The following are individuals who have stayed with us in the past.  They now have their school living certificate (high school diploma), and they are currently either moving on to higher studies or working. They are our little success stories…

Smeeka Sunar
Age: 21
Admitted to CWPC: 2004

Smeeka’s Story: Smeeka came from the Rupendehi District. Her father left her mother alone with the children. Smeeka’s mother, who earns a very small wage, could not take care of Smeeka and her sister.

Smeeka Today: Smeeka finished +2 in 2007 and is currently in her third year of studying nursing education in Bharatpur (Institute of Medical Technology).

Rajendra Khadka
Age: 21
Admitted to CWPC: 2002

Rajendra’s Story: Rajendra came from Myagdi District Ward No. 5, an area oppressed by the political instability created by the Maoists’ insurrection. When Rajendra was three years old, his father was killed while working, and his mother, who suffers from a mental illness, could not support the family. Rajendra is Deepa’s Brother.

Rajendra today: Rajendra passed +2 in 2008 and is currently working as a teacher. He enjoys his work very much.

Suresh Tamata
Age: 18
Admitted to CWPC: 2000

Suresh’s Story: Suresh came to CWPC from the remote Village Ward No. 9 in the Darchula District. His father died in 1992 when Suresh was just 2 years old. His mother also passed away just 2 years later, leaving Suresh an orphan. Suresh’s uncle took care of him and his siblings but was unable to support him financially and send him to school.

Suresh Today: Suresh passed his school living certificate in 2008, and he’s currently studying economics in college. He lives independently with his brother.

Deepa Khadka
Age: 19
Admitted to CWPC: 2000

Deepa’s Story: Deepa came from Myagdi District, which was unstable due to political uprisings. When Deepa was two years old, her father was killed while working, and her mother, who suffers from a mental illness, could not support the family.  Deepa is Rajendras brother.

Deepa Today: Deepa is currently studying commerce/management at Balkumari College in Narayanghat.

Mangala Budah
Age: 18
Admitted to CWPC: 2000

Mangala’s Story: Mangala is originally from the Humla district, an area affected by political insurgences. Mangala’s father is very poor and unable to support her and her seven siblings. Her mother suffers from severe arthritis and is unable to work.

Mangala Today: Mangala currently is studying in +1 in faculty of science. She is studying very hard so she can fulfill her dream to become a doctor

Santosh Bishwokarma
Age: 16
Admitted to CWPC: 2000

Santosh’s Story: Santosh came to CWPC from the village of Makrahar in the Rupendehi district. Both his father and mother are uneducated and find it difficult to obtain employment. Therefore, they cannot support their family with the basic necessities.

Santosh Today:   Santosh is in 10th class at Shree Little Star English School. He enjoys playing cricket, football, and table tennis, and he is good at drawing.

Anil Chhistal
Age: 16
Admitted to CWPC: 2000

Anil’s Story: Anil came to CWPC from Kobang Village Ward No. 4 in the Mustang District. His father suffered from tuberculosis, and he is unable to work to support Anil and his other children. Anil’s mother works as a household servant but is only paid a small wage that cannot support the family.

Anil Today:   Anil is in 10th class at Shree Little Star English School. He enjoys playing football and is a talented student.

Sabita Sahi
Age: 16
Admitted to CWPC: 2001

Sabita’s Story:  Sabita came to CWPC from Yanchu Village Ward No. 8 in the Humla District. At the time of her admittance, this district was unsafe due to Maoist insurgences. Her father and mother couldn’t afford to send her to school.

Sabita today: Sabita is currently in 10th class at Shree Little Star Boarding School. She would like to be a nurse and enjoys looking after the younger children, singing, and spending time with friends.

Sujan B.K.
Age: 7
Admitted to CWPC: 2007

Sujan’s story: Sujan came to CWPC from Butwal after his father abandoned him, his mother, and his sister. His mother currently works in CWPC as the house mother and cook, but she is unable to provide him with a basic education. His sister is living at a children’s home in Kathmandu.

Sujan Today: Sujan is attending Shree Mount View English School and is in 1st class. He is very bright and enjoys all sports, singing, and dancing.

Sita Sunar
Age: 9 years
Date of Admission: 2010

Sita’s story: Sita is a native of Bhurung Tatopani Village Myagdi. It lies in a mountainous region in midwestern Nepal. It is hilly area in which people earn their livings by step farming and raising animals. Some of them work  as porters and carry the luggage of tourists while they are trekking.Sita is an orphan. Her father is missing as a result of the domestic war, and her mother died as a result of a snake bite in the forest. Sita has two brothers and three sisters at home.

Sita today: Sita is currently in 3rd grade at Village Public Boarding School. She enjoys dancing and singing. She also wants to become a pilot in the future.